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How'm I doing?  =3

Comments/questions about how or why I play Deckard the way I do?  Feel free to ping me here.  I welcome discussion!

Comments are screened.  Anon's off and logging on, though.  I hate anon with a passion, as I've seen it do far too much needless damage to too many people, including friends of mine.  I don't bite, promise!  Please don't be afraid to comment or ask a question if you have a concern.  I'm always open for discussion if there's something I'm missing.  ^__^  Thanks for understanding!
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10-21-13 - Arrival, white Glyph (Prima)

12-19-13 - White a bit more vivid, plus a faint gold outline (Vector Prime)

02-11-14 - White is more vivid

05-08-14 - Glyph has increased in size about a third, gold outline still faint - Alignment Bonus: Light Spheres )

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I have a sinking suspicion this week at work is going to be HELLA busy...which also means late workdays which means brainlessness for tagging. And then I'm leaving work early on Friday to head up north a few hours for the weekend for my cousin's wedding, so DEF no catching up over the weekend.

SO. Gonna go ahead and call a hiatus. I'll tag when/if I can through the week, but no promises. Will get back into the swing of things on Mon/Tues next week (the 10th/11th).
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The Warehouse

Welcoming Harry - thread on Harry Potter's post

Blanket Fort! - thread on Walter Bots' log

Stargazing - thread on Yosuke's log

Kismet Loop

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Kismet Loop:

Bonfire night! - thread on the party log

The Warehouse:

What's being July 4 got to do with anything? - thread on Kanji's post

BBQ in the backyard! - thread on Rabbit/Hatchy's post

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Kismet Loop:

The Warehouse:
EVERYONE'S Night Out! - thread on log post
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Kismet Loop
Fighting the New Order - plot log

The Warehouse
Intro Post - Rabbit, Naoto (40+ comments)
Meeting in the Library - thread on Christina Wells' log
Time to get out and stop moping - open log

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PART 1 - Out of Character
NAME: Dragon
AGE (must be 18 or older): 40 (yes, really)
AIM: (yes, the whole thing, AIM was being a glitchy dumb that day)
PLURK: OldMaidDragon

PART 2.a - In Character Non-WH13/Eureka Canon Character
Full Name: BP-001 Deckard
Nicknames: Patokichi (the neighbors, essentially "Lone Patrol" a la Lone Ranger, if I'm not mistaken), Tomonaga Patokichi (Yuuta's parents, having essentially "adopted" him), Danna ("master" as in head of household, only Shadowmaru calls him this)
DOB/Age: functional physical age is about fifteen months from first being brought online when Yuuta found him, though he presents as an adult - exact DOB (i.e. date design or construction was started) is unknown, August 3rd 2009 considered to be his "birthdate" as that's the day Yuuta first found him. (Date is headcanon based on VA's DOB, canon only indicates it was in the summer sometime).
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Gender: functionally N/A, presents as male
Sexuality: N/A - if he ever showed any romantic/sexual interest in another, it'd likely be female only based on observation of the interests of some of his teammates (whose personalities are based on data derived from his), but that's not concrete
Species: human-built robot, considered a "Super AI" due to his special, modified Fahrzeugronne AI chip
Fandom: Brave Police J-Decker
Journal: [personal profile] thankyou4myheart
PB: his own animated image
Holoprojection Human Interface PB: Takeshi Kaneshiro
Canon Point: Post Ep 35 "Brave Police Power-Up Project" – he's coming from mid-October, 2010 in his world

Appearance and History )

Personality )

Special facts/special abilities, possessions )

Writing Samples )

Disclaimers )

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Greeting Drift - Link thread (7 comments)

Greeting Wing - Link thread (3 comments)

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Deckard wants to apologize for his everything - Link post (Meets AC)

That was a LOT of us, really - Bulkhead Link, post event

Out for a drive - Power Joe Link->Action, post event

I'M FREE I'M FREE - Sora Link, post event

BP Dad? - Ironhide Link post

Guitar hunting - The Spine Link->Action

OH GOD DECKARD NO - thread on Eris's post

New secretary/super-spy in the office - thread on Cindy's post

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Say hello to my little friend
- closed log with Garrod (meets AC)

The Three Amigos - joint Link post with Blurr and Bulkhead (Event post) (13 comments all scattered around)

Hiding's not the answer! - IDW Megatron Link (Event post)

Little girl in trouble? Deckard to the rescue! - Sari Link->Action (Event post)

Experimenting - Axel Link->Action (Event post)

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GDIT, Kagebird, not in public! - thread on Kagerou's post

At least this one's polite
- thread on SG!Starscream's post

Lost one teammate, gain another? - thread on Gunmax's post (meets AC)

And another - thread on Shadowmaru's post

Fairy tale with a HELLA surprise ending! - thread on Cinderella's post

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**************************** JANUARY AC *******************************

GODSDAMNED HEADACHE - Link post (in medbay from "fight" with SG!Ratchet (meets AC)

Drill Boy's gone... - Link post (meets AC)

Friends don't let friends . . . pass out over gorges? - thread on Blurr's/CJ's post

Oops, wrong shaggy-haired young boy
- thread on Garrod's post  (15 comments)

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Wouldn't it be ironic if... - Log with Drill Boy

Helping out a fellow PF member - action thread on 004/Albert's post (Pillar aftermath) (10 comments)

Helping another post-Pillar victim - action thread on Bulkhead's post (6 comments)

Trying to pinpoint an apparently escaped prisoner...who has no idea HOW he escaped - thread on TFP Starscream's post (5 comments)

Deckard has no idea he's really just pulling it out of his aft - thread on Crow's post



At least it's only temporary? - thread with Gunmax

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Detectives on the case - joint Link post with McCrane, having found Ravage's body

*********************************** November AC ***********************************************

Cybertronians can recover from being dead? - thread on Ravage's post

Wouldn't you KNOW if you were going to attack someone?
- thread on Skid's post

You're looking more, ah, WHOLE again there, sir - action thread on Barricade's post (10 comments)

He doesn't blame you for not wanting to remember
- thread on Bulkhead's post (6 comments)

Or you, though he hopes you're at least a LITTLE careful
- thread on Wheeljack's post  (10 comments)

NO MORE CRAZY BIRD? oh please oh please - thread on Kagerou's post (meets AC)

Getting down to business...mostly a missing persons case - Link post

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Some elaborate sensory hallucination - intro post  (meets AC) - Kagerou, Blurr

Paging the Build Team...and a medic - Link post (meets AC) - Power Joe, Barricade, Bulkhead, Knock Out

Looking for "God" - thread with Prima on First-forgeds' post

Getting some answers - log with Kagerou

Robo-kitty!? - thread on Ravag's post

Robots can get DRUNK!? - thread on Blurr's/Skyfire's post

Are there any kind of disaster relief plans in place? - thread on Ironhide's post (Event start)

Nightmare who? - thread on Rarity's post

Barricade, are you feeling all right? - thread on Barricade's post (Altered Histories Event)

Kagerou, WHAT THE HELL!? - thread on Kagerou's post (AH Event)

Aiding the wounded - action thread on Sentinel's post (AH Event)

Thinks he's figured it least in part - Link post (AH Event)

Whoa, talking ragdoll BWAH? - thread on Four's post (AH Event)

Wait till he finds out more about this mech... - thread on Megatron's post (AH Event)

Proof that Halloween's just around the corner??
- thread on Blackarachnia's post (AH Event)

DAMMIT you crazy creeper!  D8 - thread on Kagerou's log (AH Event)

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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Dragon
*Your Journal: dragondancer5150
*Age: My "old enough to vote" is old enough to drink. XD (aka 39)
*Contact Information: PM this account, or PM asking for my AIM or email address =3
*Characters already in the game: Thundercracker ([personal profile] notyourblueangel)

Character Information
*Character Name: BP-001, goes by Deckard
*Character Canon: Brave Police J-Decker
*Age: A little over a year (about 15 months) since being brought online for the first time, nine months of active service . . . functionally an adult
*Race: Human-built robot with a "Super A.I." – an AI unit advanced enough to exhibit human-level intelligence, self-awareness, and capacity for imperfection and emotions
*Timeline/Pull Point: Post Ep 35 "Brave Police Power-Up Project"


Dragon knows the meaning of "brevity" but can't seem to practice it.  The history got long enough that it with the rest of the app is just a BIT too long for a single post.  9,9  Therefore, it can be found here.  orz  I know the rules say that everything has to be in one post, but regardless of how I did it, this whole thing was going to have to go up in two parts, so...  9,9

Personality )

Powers/Abilities -- Inventory -- Starting Polarity )

Writing Samples )

Final Notes: None that I can think of.  ^__^          

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